Freshers’ Party

Freshers Party is one of those ecstatic moments that every student waits for when he/she enters the school. It was a celebration for the incoming new students. It’s a frolic and fun event where students got the chance to showcase their talents with exciting ramp walk, dance and singing performances. Variety of programs were conducted by level 3, grade 2, grade 4 and grade 8 students to make the event more artistic, beautiful and memorable for the students. Along with the students we also have Fresher teachers too who rocked the stage with their mesmerizing ramp walk and dance performances. Children were also awarded with gifts and prizes.. Little Mr. Prefect and Little Miss Perfect were chosen from the Kindergarten section and Miss Fresher and Mr. Fresher were chosen from grade 1 to 8, where the students were awarded with tags and sashes..



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