About our School

About Our School

The school is founded by Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji lnsan on 22nd April 2009 and run by Shah Satnam Ji Research and Development Foundation Trust.  Under the pious guidance and blessing of Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji lnsan the school aims in bringing out the positive energies of children and channelizing their vibrant energy in something creative. The motto of this school is “NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND”. The school focuses on all round development of each student, developing their mental, spiritual, physical and cultural well being.  We believe in building foundation by nurturing individualism while respecting others and offering our students the tools to adapt to a diverse society. The school follows Cambridge International Examination which is world’s most popular curriculum. Cambridge encourages student-centred and enquiry-based approaches to learning. It also develops skills in creative thinking, enquiry and problem solving, giving students excellent preparation for higher-level courses. The school encourages activity oriented learning and hands-on activity.


Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji lnsan has founded this oasis of knowledge and compassion in the times of all pervading selfishness. Saint MSG Glorious International School nurtures the citizens of tomorrow by imparting holistic education and does not merely churn out academic automatons.

A sense of self realization, self confidence and problem solving abilities are some of the key traits of a balanced human being. Our children are strongly imbued with these from the formative years. A fusion of Gurukul traditions and modernity, the school harmonizes academics, values, co-curricula and sporting achievements. Guruji performs all inauguration by re-uniting the cut ends of ribbons to celebrate union unlike the customary cutting. In the same way, Saint MSG Glorious International School aims to synchronize, focus and unleash all positive energies of children, bringing out the myriad gifts.

Our Inspiration

Our most respected Dr. Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has established the Saint MSG Glorious International School near Shah Satnam Ji Dham, Sirsa, where students are nurtured with latest international education which is a composite blend of Indian cultural values and world’s best practice. Whole administrative and teaching staff bow and pay heartiest regards in the pious lotus feet of His Holiness for such a magnanimous act.



In our mission to nurture responsible individuals, we work towards providing a safe and stimulating work environment for both teachers and students, placing system that enhances physical and spiritual development of every child, developing real world situation where students excels in mastering life skills in a vibrant way.

The Vision essence of Saint MSG Glorious International School is .

Our vision is to provide thought provoking learning environment to every student who will become an integral part of a responsible and vibrant India and a global citizen as well.

  • To raise the sight and scrutinize the possibilities to achieve the unachievable.
  • To provide the prospect for all to attain more than they believe they can.
  • To use opportunities consistent with our values to promote internationalism on a local and global stage.
  • To source, recruit and develop leading people in their respective fields.


Saint MSG Glorious International School is affiliated to Cambridge Assessment International Examinations (CAIE), UK.