In Saint MSG Glorious International School’s curriculum, books are not the only sources of information, nor are the classroom the only place to acquire it. Any subject becomes more interesting and comes alive when visited. The classroom is also limited in that learning is a personal affair and a child will get out of academics only what he or she wants from it. So to make learning a more participative and democratic affair, children are taken out of the classroom and into the outside world to experience at first hand what they have been taught and to look at certain things through the eyes of the collective number. For, often, reactions are learnt from others and ignorance is replaced with experience.

As an example, Respiratory system in Science, SMSGGIS Kids visit to the hospital and guest lectures from doctors are delivered for the students for better output and practical way of learning. In such a way we create practical learning sessions for students inside as well as outside the classrooms. Visit to Railway Station or amusement parks, mental development such as banking classes and much more.(At this place it should show the symbol of hand which would show the images of students) is the part of our creative teaching.