P.T.M. (Parent Teacher Meeting)

Saint MSG Glorious International School avails the opportunity for two-way communication between teachers and parents in the form of Parent – teachers meet where we share a common treasure the student. At our school we conduct PTM after every two months. We perceive that teachers attitudes toward parents and their efforts to involve parents are critical to good parent-teacher relationships and student achievement.Teachers set up the expectation that parental involvement is welcome and necessary which aware the parents about the developing graph of the child.

In our school PTMs parents are being indicated with strong evidence those children whose parents are meaningfully involved in their schooling:

  • – are better behaved and have more positive attitudes about school.
  • – get better grades and test scores.
  • – graduate from pre school to high school at higher rates.
  • – are more likely to go on to higher education.

Note: PTM can be conducted early or late as per the requirement of school and prior information will be conveyed to concern parents. If any parent is unable to attend PTM on scheduled date and further needs separate meeting on alternative running days prior permission of Principal must be sanctioned in a written note (Valid for exceptional cases).