Sports play a significant role in shaping the personality of a student. We believe that sports activities are integral part of the education system where in it helps the student in inculcating discipline, sportsmanship and achievement. A healthy body is the home of a healthy mind and that is what we focus upon. At Saint MSG Glorious International School, we provide a wide range of sports activities for our students. These sport activities have been designed and planned to enhance our students physically and mentally. Our extra curriculum activities are open for our students of all age groups. We have professional team of Athletic teachers who have years of wide experience in these field and who focus on each and every student of their batch.

There are number of sports activities like:

Horse Riding:

Horse Riding is one of those extra curriculum activity where in the student is given the opportunity to learn horse riding under the guidance and supervision of a trainer. It energizes the body and enhances the risk taking ability of the student.


It is a form of recreation and sport popular among the kids. Each student is motivated to stand and balance on small mounted wheels.


MSG Students enjoy the physical aspects of gymnastics as they tumble and perform stunts under the guidance of their coach. It provides the student to balance, coordinate and flexibility of body.

Martial Art:

Students get involved in a sport like Martial art as to built their fitness.


Taekwondo is a art of self defence techniques with sports and exercise. Students enjoy Taekwondo which makes them physical active.


The School has an outdoor basketball court where the student is able to perform constantly under the supervision of their coach.


MSG champs are trained in these sporting events like running, jumping, throwing and walking. The students are trained in Athletic competition like track and field road running, cross country and race walking.


Yoga works on all aspects of growth and development of a child. In MSG we train each and every child to practice yogasana, pranayama mudra and mediation regularly . Yoga helps our students to improve concentration & memory development.


Netball is a ball sports played by two team of seven players. Our MSG champs enjoy this game which helps them to score goal over the other team.