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Life is so beautiful and sublime because of the wide variety that characterizes it. Every human being has been endowed with a personality that has multiple facets with which to enjoy and partake of this magnificent diversity of life. A good education must help every person to recognize and develop all such attributes that one possesses.We believe in learning about life through activities that celebrate the diversity as also the unity of life. Consequently, within the ways that we have scheduled the school day and time-table as well as the academic and co-curricular programmes, we have built in a variety of activities that help in integrating all the qualities and aptitudes that establish man as a physical, intellectual and spiritual being.

Saint MSG Glorious International School offers a very broad-based system of education that effectively addresses the wide range of characteristics of the growing personalities of our children. It aims to bring out the best in them and empower them to imbibe the essence of all the previous knowledge as also achievements of the human race. It attempts to enable them to develop skills and qualities required for a joyful as well as fruitful life in the Knowledge Society of the Knowledge Era that humanity is entering.