Math Lab

At Saint MSG Glorious International School we believe that mathematics needs to be learned in creative ways, and not by memorization and repetition. Just as Science lab teach through experimentation in such way we have our math labs, where learning is experiential for students. Our mathematical education is the method of problems solving system through practical methods. Mathematical thinking is very difficult and we focus on the creativity necessary to make small theorems The student tries to create the solution of mathematical problems in various ways with help of maths equipment.We profess in sensitizing the school and teachers to the concept of Mathematics Laboratory and how this helps in enhancing teaching learning process in the subject from the very beginning of school education.

Our Mathematics Laboratory contribute to the learning of the subject in many ways:

  • It provides an opportunity to students to understand and internalize the basic mathematical
  • Concepts through concrete objects and situations.
  • It enables the students to verify or discover several geometrical properties and facts
  • Using models or by paper cutting and folding techniques.
  • It helps the students to build interest and confidence in learning the subject.
  • The laboratory provides opportunity to exhibit the relatedness of mathematical concepts with everyday life.
  • It provides greater scope for individual participation in the process of learning and
    becoming autonomous learners.
  • It provides scope for greater involvement of both the mind and the hand which facilitates cognition.
  • The laboratory allows and encourages the students to think, discuss with each other
    and the teacher and assimilate the concepts in a more effective manner.
  • It enables the teachers to demonstrate, explain and reinforce abstract mathematical ideas by using concrete objects, models, charts, graphs, pictures, posters, etc.

MSG kids do experiments with numbers and geometrical shapes and try to generalize these patterns. They do almost all the work themselves, undertake projects both in mathematics and its applications of course under the guidance of teachers, but the students are active all the time and are involved with what they are doing. The process of mathematics is emphasized much more than the product of mathematics.

Our Maths Lab is equipped with cupboards to store maths tool & equipment which are issued to the students when they come to the lab for doing practical work. This approach boosts the creativity, scientific development of the brain of the children, and satisfies their zeal to do something new and unique.