Harbinger of Quality Education

Saint MSG Glorious International School under the pious guidance of HIS Holiness always intends to maximize the educational potential of children by providing a stimulating educational environment that will develop each student’s intellectual, cultural, emotional, physical and social potential to the fullest, and to effectively educate and utilize parents, communities, and community organizations in the education of children. Equality, Quality and Quantity are the elusive triangle of education system adopted in SMSGGIS.

Effective pedagogy, incorporating an array of teaching strategies that support intellectual engagement, connectedness to the wider world, supportive classroom environments, and recognition of difference, is implemented across all key learning areas. Thus, this practice promotes the well-being of students, teachers and the school community – it improves students’ and teachers’ confidence and contributes to their sense of purpose for being at school; it builds community confidence in the quality of learning and teaching in the school.